Recently it there has been a big increase in coupon like website that will offer special deals. Now adding to the companies that will be offering these deals is Facebook. Just launched, Facebook Offers gives any company that has a Facebook fanpage to create and add their own offers. This is much more beneficial for smaller companies because getting in touch and getting though with some of the other coupon companies such as Groupon, Fab, and LivingSocial can be very hard. Now the small coffee show down the street can have their own offers and attract more people to their shop.

One thing that I do not think will be hard is getting people to use the offers. Right now because smaller businesses are using it, some people may not be sure if they will work or if they are a scam. Also they post the offer in your newsfeed, further adding more content to you newsfeed. I think that if people like a whole bunch of fan pages and then they start to use Facebook Offers it could add even more clutter to someone’s newsfeed. It will only be a matter of time before we see how effective Facebook’s new addition will be.

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