After watching an extremely powerful documentary about the Lost Boys in Sudan called “ God Grew Tired of Us” I have decided to do my final project about these brave men. After civil war erupted in Sudan in 1984, thousands of orphaned boys walked for five years to seek refuge in Uganda provided by the United Nations. They lived in makeshift camps, and were rationed food that did not last them throughout the week. The most inspiring part of this story was that they never let these struggles get their spirits down, they created “parliament” where they would gather together and share stories and songs to pass the time while waiting for their next food ration.

After a group of the Lost Boys were granted citizenship in America, they were immersed in a whole new culture. In one scene, they were shown how to use electricity, and were baffled by the movie pictures on the television. Technology was a new concept to them for they had lived their whole lives in tents without running water. I thought this group of brave men would be a great way for me to portray the uses of technology, and how helpful it truly is. Through coming to America, these men were able to eventually graduate college, and some of them dedicated their lives to giving back to their fellow brothers in Sudan.

The Lost Boys go into great detail about how the culture in America is affected by our use of technology. In their homeland of Sudan, a country without technology, people are a lot more connected and spend more time together. One man commented that people in America are so disconnected from one another because our life moves at such a rapid pace. Through the Lost Boys struggles and hardships, the positives of technology (being able to obtain an education, earn money, and spread the story of the Lost Boys) and the negatives ( technology leading Americans to be out of touch with their surroundings and caught up in their  own world of cell phones and computers) are clearly portrayed.