I came across this and I thought that it was pretty cool. To sum up what this already short article says, a team of people contrived a device called the “Pebble”. The Pebble is basically a wrist watch that is synced to your iPhone or Android phone and allows you to access virtually all of the information housed on this device from your wrist. The video elaborates on all the things this sleek, aesthetically appealing device is capable of. It allows you to view your phone messages, control your music, and (needless) tells the time on a cool-looking display. It runs apps, both commercially sold ones and “homemade” ones. The features that I find most intriguing and appealing, however, is that it can keep track of RPM for people cycling as well as time, pace, and clock people’s runs. As both a cycler and a runner, this is something that I have looked for in an affordable, decent-looking device for quite a long time. Usually devices that are meant for these purposes (and usually solely these purposes), are extremely expensive and extremely bulky. Something like the Pebble offers these things and so much more! I feel this particular advance in technology is great in both a specific and general manner. Specifically speaking, I think that the watch is a cool idea and am going to look into getting one myself. On the large scale, the multi-tasking capabilities of technological devices are mirroring the multi-tasking capabilities that we are able to have while using them. As I have said in my blogs many times before, I am amazed at the exponential rate at which technology is advancing and I am curious to see just how far it will go.
Not only is the content of the attached article quite interesting, but so is the method that the group is using to ask for sponsors for their project that is the Pebble. They used a YouTube video to promote their project as well as try and get people to pledge money for the advancement of their business. Just as we have seen in the popular media, YouTube is a great medium in which new things can be discovered. It has helped everyone and everything from now-famous celebrities to now-popular products to be seen by people who have the means to make them world-known. Personally, I think that what this team of people is doing is great. I think that it represents just how far our communication as a people has come and I wish them the best of luck. I would like to see their product succeed, not only because of the product itself, but more-so because of the creator’s innovative attempts at advancement of their product. It gives hope to other people who have wonderful ideas that can potentially change the lives of millions of people, but do not necessarily have the means to fund and/or advertise their ideas, etc.
I am sure that there are many other devices out there already like the Pebble; possibly even better ones. I just think that the entire concept of a device such as this is great. A few years ago, who would have thought that we would think that “reach[ing] into your pocket [to] input your secret code every two minutes” would be considered a nuisance that could be improved upon, but it sure has. And I am confident that anyone with an iPhone or other smart phone understands the “first world pain” (to reference a well-known Twitter hashtag trend) that having to type out a 4-digit passcode to access one’s phone presents. The fact that something like this could even be considered a pain worth mentioning also says a lot about how far we have come as a people. We are so used to instant gratification that the few seconds it takes for us to type in a password (that is only in place for the protection of our own personal information) could even potentially be annoying. I am sure that feelings such as this one will only multiply and magnify as time goes on and we become more and more technologically dependent, but only time will tell just how quickly this will actually happen.