I had actually been searching YoutTube for a different Google commercial that I was planning on writing about, but this one caught my eye and I am so glad that it did. I think this truly displays how important technology is in our lives and the omnipotent ability it has to make a difference in the world.

Through the variety of media outlets available on the Internet today- YouTube, Blogger, NewYork Times, etc. – Dan Savage was able to create the It Gets Better project and change the lives of teenagers all around the world. With his heart-moving videos, Savage has instilled faith within bisexuals struggling with their identity. He encourages them not to give up on their lives and assures them that it gets better.

The vast array of videos uploaded to the site by survivors and celebrities, such as Lady Gaga and Anne Hathaway, back up Savage’s idea with inspiring advice of their own. With 43, 826 subscribers and over 4 million video views, Savage successfully reaches a global audience and spreads his message to young LGBT people internationally. In addition to YouTube, the project has utilized Facebook and Twitter, as well as its own nonprofit website, allowing maxim outreach to its followers.

The Internet enables people who don’t know each other to connect, to bond, and to support. It allows messages to be spread, stories to be shared, and hope to be created. Because of the Internet, people don’t have to walk alone. Instead, users walk with the millions of other people just like them. Rather than breaking from the hatred and intolerance of bullies, they are strengthened by the numbers of supporters behind them. Such a movement would not be possible if it weren’t for the Internet’s capability to connect the words, faces, thoughts, and guidance of leaders to the screens of those in desperate need of seeing hearing them.

Through the comments posted under the videos Dan Savage has created, the impact he has been able to make on others is inevitably obvious. From giving them courage and strength to saving their lives, Savage, with the help of the Internet, has been able to ecourage individuals to keep their heads up and show them that they are not alone.