While surfing the Internet I was very surprised to come across some interesting information on the director of Avatar. James Cameron known for his engrossing worlds within his movies leads solo dive into Mariana Trench in the pacific.  What initially came to mind before reading a line from the passage was this might be some research for the avatar sequel. A sequel I had remembers hearing would take place in other parts of Pandora and will take the story to Pandora’s oceans.



 Although that’s not what the deep sea article said was the reason for the trip I figured the filmmaker wouldn’t let the chance pass him to gain extensive knowledge on the details of the ocean go to waste. Nevertheless the topic of the article was that the filmmakers undersea journey can do more than create a fantasy dream world but help advance our medical knowledge. The article included insight from a professor at Rutgers University

“What better place to look for adaptations and unusual compounds that have unusual characteristics than in the most extreme environments we can go to on this planet,” says Richard Lutz, a professor of marine ecology and biology of deep-sea hydrothermal vents at Rutgers University and director of the school’s Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences.


            Apparently the trip so far has brought scientist new strains of anaerobic bacteria known as actinomycetes. These actinomycetes or organisms with medical possibilities are already being used to produce antibiotics. Due to Cameron’s voyage to the depths of this Pacific trench, more biological samples can be collected from the deepest spots on the planet.  Cameron vehicle for his deep-sea trip was called The Deepsea Challenger’s. The vehicle possessed a very important ability to linger at the ocean bottom for an extended period of time. This makes it easier for scientists on future dives where they might be able to study microbes such as actinomycetes in their natural environments.  The downside to the entire process is the lack of technology or rather the cost of it.  The tech that makes the vehicle possible to do such amazing feats is so advanced that unless one had the wealth and media attention like James Cameron it is not very possible. However Scientists hope the moviemakers voyage will inspire others to help create easier methods of exploring the sea.  I thought the article would be interesting to share because the reason for the dive is very beneficial to different fields. Nevertheless what do you think of James Cameron the deep Sea Explorer?