My mom’s my hero.  She went through a lot of rough times but was still able to establish her own business – that she named “Nu Look Salon and Boutique” – that has been running for around 10 years now.  She has many loyal clients that have become her good friends and many new clients have emerged through the years, but as time passes and the world takes giant technological leaps forward, I feel shrinkage.  The reality is, as I was taught in one my college classes, if your business isn’t expanding then you’re in actuality shrinking because everything else around you is expanding.  It’s quite a competitive world out there and by us not having a Facebook, Twitter, a blog, or even our own website, I know is hurting us because we could really be reaching out to so many more people that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to. And, we would have the ability to just simply make ourselves known, which in and of itself makes quite a profound difference.

I was researching reasons as to why any business should have a website and I came across the following link which explains 10 reasons why small businesses should have a website:

As I browsing through their reasons I quickly realized that you can’t really argue with any reason they provide because each reason is incredibly solid.

The seventh reason states “In today’s business environment, businesses are expected to have an online presence. This expectation will only increase” and I can’t express how true this is because we have had quite a number of people ask if my family’s business has a website.  And, it’s embarrassing to say “no” when even far less professional businesses have their own website up and running.

With that said I decided that we definitely need to technologically expand, as any small business should.  But the question is –as ridiculous as this sounds–how to make a website? My dad recommended a couple of ways to do this, one of which is making a website using the help of this company:

But do any of you guys have any recommendations?  And if you have so many products at your store that it would incredibly difficult to take a picture of all of them, should you just select a few?  I’m thinking that would be the right thing to do.

I’m also thinking that once our website is up, and hopefully that won’t be too long from now, we will have clients from afar.  This would then pose the problem of how to ship whatever product they purchased online to them safely.  We would have to start learning about packaging, budgeting, and how to communicate online as effectively as possible.  Hence, having new clients also entails new problems but, in the end, it must be worth it.  Expanding your business may mean earning more green and reaching out, but it also means spending more green and trying to make an even more diverse set of customers happy.

I’m both excited and nervous to see where the future of my family business is headed and if any of you guys have any recommendations on how to technologically expand (I’m thinking we certainly need a Facebook page as well), please to feel free to share!  It will be sincerely appreciated!