Apple does in fact consist of several weaknesses and threats that could potentially harm their business in which they did not themselves claim.  Starting with the strengths of the company, Apples consistency to maintain a strong brand image has been incredibly successful in that it has been reported that the company’s brand value has increased by 31.8 percent in 2009.  In addition to its strong brand image, strong revenue growth and liquidity position has enabled and provided Apple stability amongst their business and financial growth, as well as their outstanding stance with debt obligations.
Weaknesses and threats that Apple is currently facing could detrimentally harm their company.  Their weaknesses include having a dependence on network providers, continuing business with unresolved legal proceedings, and having limited mobile phone variants. The threats that Apple is currently facing are the absences of multiple distribution networks, theft of digital content, and intense competition.   Apple is dependent on cellular network providers, such as  AT&T and Verizon, and possible network failures or the inability to attract customers to purchasing the iPhone can immensely affect the overall profit of the Apple company.  Apple also has been reported to have infringed on three patents and could possibly suffer in the near future if legal issues remain unresolved, which could ruin the strong brand image the company has successfully achieved throughout the years. Another issue that affects the company’s performance is the limited model of the iPhone and the competition that Apple faces since several other mobile companies have created similar models as the iPhone, which also could potentially affect its brand image. The products that Apple manufactures are exclusively sold in certain third-party networks as well as the fact that applications for iPods, iPads and iPhones are only sold through the App Store owned by Apple. This produces a potential threat in the market growth and profits in the near future.  The most crucial threat to Apple along with many other digital music companies is the ever increasing theft of digital content.  Risks such as this can greatly impact every aspect of the company’s performance in that digital content such as music and movies are copied, shared and made available on the Internet. Another threat that apple faces is the competition among other digital music industries.