One of my favorite things about the internet is that it allows you to share truly breathtaking, meaningful, thought provoking pictures.  MSN every week releases their “Week in Pictures” where 12 of the best photos are collected into an album and shared online for the world to see.  These pictures generally have no theme at all except that they took place in the same week and there’s a great variety of different pictures that they provide, each with an amazing story to tell.  On the side of each picture they provide a brief description of the place the picture took place in, the date, and anything else of importance.  There are astounding pictures of natures, pictures of wars, pictures of families, pictures of mundane events captured in a beautiful way and everything else in between.

What’s really just amazing to me is how the lens can capture, almost steal, time.  How a moment can, with the help of a camera, become a treasured memory for generations to come and how the way the photographer takes the picture shows you a different portrait and perspective of the very same event.  It’s like how every eye, vision, and perspective is different, so too is every camera.

Lets start off with looking at pictures of this week, shall we?

Here’s the link:

Let’s begin with looking at picture 2, the one with the frogs.  Look at the symmetry, the beauty, the colors, the textures, the water and its reflection that make you feel as though you can almost reach into the screen and feel its coolness, and the funny look in the frogs eyes that can maybe be described as a content distress (as oxymoron as those words are put together).  It just takes you into that scene and makes you pause a moment in your life to understand a moment in theirs.

That is what I believe the definition of photography is.  If a photographer can do that the s/he has accomplished his job.

Lets also take a look at picture 5.

Do you see the desperation?  The story dying to be heard?  The suffering settled deep within the people? This brokenness covered in temporary smiles?  And also the appreciation?

What do you see?  What are your thoughts on this or any other picture?

This week in pictures also shows holiday pictures and just recently had an Easter album that contained pictures of people celebrating the holiday around the world.  It was really something to see people of so many different backgrounds practice their holiday in so many different ways.  There were photos of people actually being crucified, photos of people dancing, photos of people holding candles, and much more.  Seeing those pictures was like being able to take a small trip around the globe for free – no cost, no travelling, no airline ticket fee, no headache.   And yet, I felt the emotions of the photos.  Granted, these are award-winning pictures – not any old pictures—and that certainly makes a world of a difference, but nevertheless to feel the sensations and colors always puts me at awe.

Do photos speak volumes to you too?  Do you have any special photos to share?  How do you define photography?

Let us know!