2012 Coachella Music Festival

Tupac's image is displayed as a hologram for the Coachella music festival.

I’m sure many of you have heard about this. My question is: did you think it was totally awesome, or insanely creepy?

The late Tupac Shakur took center stage with rappers Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at Coachella last night, even though he’s been dead for over 15 years! His image was in fact a hologram…despite the folks who think he’s still alive and awaiting his comeback. The hologram was extremely life-like and sometimes kind of freaky to watch. Here is a man who’s been dead for almost two decades, and he’s magically performing on stage with the biggest rappers of our generation. After watching the video, I was stunned and really confused. How did they do this!? And, even more so– how did they get him to shout “Coachella!” when he first appeared? I wonder if this was his voice or if someone dubbed it in for him.

This hologram of Tupac just goes to show what we can do with technology these days. The creators have literally brought Tupac back from the dead with his performance alongside the other rappers. An article from the Huffington Post describes the hologram as “all-to-realistic.” Here is how the article began. (ouch, much?)

“Well, that was uncomfortable. Despite supposedly having been dead for over 15 years, Tupac Shakur joined Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the main stage at Coachella late Sunday night.”

The article goes on to talk about how the performance at Coachella unfolded, speaking of other songs sung and other performances. But, they just couldn’t stop talking about the hologram now made famous…and who could blame them? It was insane.

This relates to technology in more ways than one. As if the hologram wasn’t enough technological advancement for you, social media sites like Twitter were going crazy with fans and celebrities alike, all tweeting about Tupac’s return. The Huff Post said people were struck with “amazement with the technology.” Rihanna hashtagged her tweet where among the tags she wrote “I was there” and “story 4 my grandkidz.” Other celebs found it totally awesome, but completely scary! Take Quest Love of the band The Roots, for example. He tweeted, “That Pac hologram haunted me in my sleep.”

Whether this new technology of holograms is scary or cool, it is a step forward in the digital era. I think the reason this is turning into such a huge deal is because we have never seen technology as advanced as this before. Sure, we’ve all experienced holograms–whether that be at Disney World, Six Flags, even some 3D movies. But, nothing quite like this. Also, the fact that a dead rapper was interacting with living ones makes it a moment to remember.

Here is the link to the Huffington Post article. In this link, you’ll also find the video of Tupac “rising from the dead” in his hologram. Listen to how he says “Coachella!” How?! I still can’t figure it out. Maybe some of you tech-savvy people know.


Underneath the article and video is a slideshow of “Stars and Fans Reactions to Tupac’s Hologram on Twitter,” which includes celebs like Katy Perry. Take a look through this slide show. There’s 14 of them…all with mixed feelings to the hologram performance. It’s interesting to see who was “in tears” and who thought it was “lame.”

Is this the new way of performing? I wonder if anyone has plans for adding additional singers/actors/entertainers who have passed on. It’s like they can live forever with this form of technology. So…I guess they were right…TUPAC LIVES! hah, kidding.