As I was working on my project I found a hilarious video that I feel is why there’s a mass amount of people who fear technology and it’s capabilities. The video was titled “The Printer” and it pretty much describes a printer that goes berserk and devours our universe…. Even though we are humans think that we hold complete and total dominion over these silly inventions.

In our society today there are plenty of people who fear technology, they’re whats known as Luddites. Luddites are people who not only fear technology but completely rejects it. Their fears stem from many reasons, for example fear of automation where the entire human race will be replaced by androids or something like the film terminator. Being ignorant the first thought I had was the Amish societies and how they reject the use of technology but, reality is that they do use technology … sort of. For each of their towns at least one person has a telephone in-case of emergencies, so being curious I looked a little more into what Luddites truly are and was amazed.

There are Luddites all around us today, they’re our countries people in uniform, our teachers, even our friends. They resent technology because of various reasons. But in my honest opinion I feel their resentment comes from ignorance of not understanding the technology itself.

So I was curious, why do you think some people don’t use technology if it’s supposedly so beneficial to us? Is it because they’re scared or just to lazy to learn it or anything else at that?