China recently created a super boat which is something out of a james bond/batman film and there is no exaggeration here. The boat is made out of carbon fiber and nomex honeycomb and it is held by two arches to give it an incredible height. The boat cost an estimated $15 million dollars to make and it recently finished its test drive on the pearl river in Zhuhai, China. It can accomadate 9 passengers and six crew members with beautiful lounges and bedrooms. Honestly the boat looks amazing and it literally looks like Batman would take this bad boy for a spin. The technology instilled within the boat is revolutionary with heat sensors that create the perfect environment depending on the temperature of the passengers, the ocean and the weather. It can also clock at 120 miles per hour making it one of the fastest luxury yachts in the world. If you look at the pictures which show the inside of the yacht it is beautiful and is diffidently a luxury for the wealthy. Looking at this article it made me think that China and Japan seem to have all the cool gadgets before America does and that perhaps they are superior in terms of technology or are quickly rising to Americas status. I do not know if I’m right or wrong but I always hear about an amazing product being created in Japan or China and then America adopts that specific product. Perhaps we will start seeing boats like these in America soon? Who knows.