Over the past few days, I’ve heard increasingly from my coworkers and classmates that they wish to make everyday things into memes.

On Friday, my friend said, “We should make our professor into a meme!” and today, my coworker said, “I’m a nice girl!” and my other coworker said, “We should make that a meme.”

It’s easier than ever to just take a square picture of someone (especially thanks to Instagram), place text over it and upload it to the Web. And, though we can, our desire for creating memes generally never progresses further than the original idea. 

A meme is, essentially, an idea on steroids. And, as they always tell us, ideas are no good as long as they’re tucked away in your head.

So, get out there and make your memes! As long as you get permission from your professor or your friend before you make them famous, that is.