As if it wasn’t overwhelming enough already to decide which search engine to browse your curiosities with – Google, Yahoo, AskJeeves, Bing- add SearchWithKevin to the never-ending list. Brittney Spears’ well-known ex-husband, Kevin Federline takes the credit for this masterpiece. Upon typing in, you can now search the Internet like you have never searched it before. Literally, though.

Kevin Federline’s site is not just your average search engine, that’s for sure. The websites homepage boasts:

Every time you search the web you stand a chance of winning a prize from Kevin Federline. It’s that simple. Really.

Each time you “search with Kevin,” you are rewarded “Swagbucks”. “What exactly can I do with these Swagbucks,” you may ask? Well, determining on the value of Swagbucks you have saved, you can redeem your earnings for special prizes, such as a Federline Records T-Shirt or an autographed photo of the modest entrepreneur himself.

Safe to say, SearchWithKevin has not created heavy competition for Google or any of the other dominant search engines available. It has, however, provided entertainment for us all. Thanks, K-Fed, for giving us yet another joke to laugh about.

We all view the Internet as an open window of endless possibilities. But, for the sake of Federline’s own dignity, perhaps we would be better off it was a little more closed.