We keep hearing reasons as to why we should all be socially connected via online media outlets, but what about reasons not to have accounts on Facebook, twitter, Google + and whatever else?  Is it even imaginable anymore to not pour the precious hours of our lives online?  We have become so deeply ingrained in social media that I’d say for most people at least half their “lives” are on there.  As a matter of fact, how many times have you seen scenarios like this one:  You’re going into your dorm room where five friends are “hanging out” with each person on their laptop facebooking their lives away in order to “connect with friends.”  But what about connecting with the people that are sitting right next to you?  What about building real, deep human relationships with them?  Needless to say, Facebook has for many people redefined, and I’d argue seriously degraded the word friendship.  Although there are definitely positive sides to Facebook, in fact I might be making a page for my family business soon on there, I really feel that it does more harm than good – primarily because it’s a gigantic time waster.  That’s why I never made an account.  I didn’t want to waste my life clicking away looking at countless pictures that serve me essentially no benefit, stalking people (it’s crazy how many people do that), and creating an  untrue, or at least not so genuine, profile of myself.  I knew that if I had made an account that I wouldn’t have the strength in me to resist all those things and thinking of all of that waste happening to my life just did not settle well in my stomach.

With that said, I was doing a quick search on Google for reasons not to have a Facebook account.  One of the sites that I came across to was this: http://gizmodo.com/5530178/top-ten-reasons-you-should-quit-facebook

The reasons people have for not having an account are really interesting.  In the above link, of the ten reasons that are mentioned none of them exactly correlate with my reasons.  Instead, the site highlights mostly on issues about Facebook’s unethical behavior and privacy concerns, which are definitely legitimate, serious concerns in and of themselves that more people should open their eyes to.

Additionally, WIRED author David Rowan gives his reasons on this link http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/09/six-reasons-why-wired-uks-editor-isnt-on-facebook/

His reasons have a slightly different theme in the sense that he mentions that it’s “hard to reinvent yourself” if you have a Facebook account.  Meaning that once you make a mistake online, it’s difficult to erase it and you would, consequentially, live with that mistake for quite a long time.  And we have seen this time and time again, especially with the youth.

So, why not take a challenge?  Try living ABSOLUTELY TECHNOLOGY FREE for at least a day and see how it goes.  I don’t mean to stop using elevators and driving cars.  Rather, stay away from texting, Facebook, twitter, Google + and whatever other million things there are out there and see how it goes.  Do you find yourself apprehensive?  Peaceful?  Wishing everyday was technology free?

See how it goes and share your experiences!