Science and fashion are not words you often hear in the same sentence. However as I was probing the internet for something that exemplifies what we learn in this class I came across an interesting piece of information. There is a design studio called Nervous System, which uses computers to stimulate natural processes to create cool one of a kind looking jewelry.


They use their computer applications to create slime mold inspired creations. Creations ranging from everything from bracelets, lamps, to customizable rings in the new line appropriately named “Ammonites”.  The design company Ammonities was crafted by a couple MIT alums, Jesse Louis-Rosenberg and Jessica Rosenkrantz. Who were originally influenced by the patterns found on the fossilized shells of ammonites.  Ammonites which are known to be the distant relatives of octopus grow interesting patterns on the exterior of their shells.




So just exactly how do they create these accurate organic patterns? Well the creators who both have studied mathematics say they used “a simulation of dendritic solidification to make suture-like patterns” I have no clue what that means but it sounds very serious. Anyways, word on the net is these bracelets will make ocean centric weird nerds swarm on you. I’m talking Big Bang theory weird. The idea of using computers to stimulate natural processes and yield unique designs will arouse any fashion conscious nerd, if at all possible. Nevertheless fashion is a way of expression and when it comes to Nervous System, expression is fueled by science and technology. They have even developed an app for your laptop. Their app Cell Cycle lets customers manipulate the computers algorithms to create one-of-a kind pieces of jewelry. If you want to be decked out in dendritic forms the prices for the pieces range from 15- 1,400 dollars.


Although I wouldn’t necessarily go out and purchase Ammonite pieces, I do however appreciate the new take on jewelry design. I think it is unique in its use of scientific processes to create pieces of expression. It merges two worlds to create something with characteristics of both. Would you rock them?