I know this is probably old news for many of you, but it’s worth repeating. Everyone knows that apps are becoming the new craze and while numerous studies have shown how much time people waste playing these games, it seems that creating them is worth while. The creator of Draw Something, OMGPOP, has created a number of previous games with little success. So little, in fact, the creator was ready to give up when he created Draw Something. Good thing he didn’t give up too quickly, because Zynga saw and thought it would be perfect to join the ranks their other Facebook games like Farmville. The game sold for 180 million bucks!

I’m not quite sure what this says about the time that we are living in. The game can be played for free and if you don’t want to see ads on the side you can pay 99 cents and remove them. What’s crazier, though, is that this isn’t even close to the highest buyout of an app; recently Facebook bought a single app for a BILLION dollars. The megamillions three weeks ago was only up to 640 million and you can buy one ticket for the price of Draw Something with out ads. I guess one thing it teaches me is learn how to make apps and fast!