Technology has served out society in so many ways. We are constantly being introduced to a new technological advent that will helps us do, learn, or access something a little faster and a little more efficently than the last technology we probably purchased. There are so many products available that all play a role in almost every area of our daily lives. The microwave helps us prepare our food faster, ipods entertain us with immediate access to all of our favorite songs and videos, cell phones help us maintain constant commuications with friends, family, and the rest of the world, most of us cant even get out of bed (litterally) unless we have an alarm clock or radio there to wake us up,  and the of list of  technology’s benefits can go on and on. However, are we become to overly dependent on techlogy? is it getting to a point where technology will do everything for us and we wont even know how to put one foot infront of the other without the help of a technologial advent.

According to New York Times , this month, MiMA and a companion development in the same high-rise called One MiMA Tower, at 460 West 42nd Street, began offering the services of what they call a technology concierge to handle tasks as simple as hanging a television and as complex as setting up and troubleshooting a home office network. This new technological advancement does everything for the resdients of this new building. Cabel, internet, wireless coverage, you name it you wont have to break a sweat over it.

The article opens a window into the experience that Meghan Langton had with the technology concierge when she first moved into the MiMA Tower. “Back then, we had to handle everything on our own,” she said. “No one helped us coordinate anything. It works so much better being able to have people to coordinate the utilities and Internet and all of that.” says Langston.

Beyond setting up wireless networks and home theater systems, the technology concierge offers Apple device integration, as well as setup of wireless audio systems and gaming devices. The techs can also install remote control programming and parental Internet controls, according to the article found in New York Times.

I think that because we have relied so much on technology, there is no way our socierty is going to turn its back on it. However, I wonder if its going to over power us. Beacuse we as a people are losing some of the skills and abilities we once used on a daily basis, I fear that soon our country will turn be paralyzed without technology. that soon technology will be using us (more than it already does) .

Although the technology concierge could be the start of something horrific in our society, it seems the residents of the nOne MiMA Tower are enjoying the luxury and have plans to use it for entertainment. “Benton Wofford, who rents a one-bedroom in MiMA, says he may use the technology concierge to learn more about the various uses of his iPad and Xbox, depending on how much it costs,” says the newspaper.