Here is another technology we can add to the ever growing list of technologies that are making our lives a little easier and taking power away from us as think and functioning human beings.

I didnt get my license until i was 20. I was scared of operating and of being responsbile and aware of every single thing that may or may not happen in or around my car as I drove around. I could get the rules of the road or any drivng techniques down pat. I wish i would have had a technologially advanced to help me out during the time of my practicing and testing.

So apparently, in terms of driving a motor vehicle,  we wont have much use for the “hand over hand” skill much longer. Many companies are beginnig to develop self driving cars.According to Time Magazine, Google’s not the only company working on cars that drive themselves. On Friday, General Motors announced that it has its own self-driving car tech in the works for Cadillac, called Super Cruise.According to the Time Magazine, “We are not about taking control away from the driver,” Don Butler, Vice President of Cadillac Marketing, said in an explainer video. “We always want the driver engaged and involved with the experience, but we want to enhance their ability when they’re in those situations.”

Super Cruise uses a combination of radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and GPS data, and it works in bumper-to-bumper traffic as well as open roads. It’s largely based on Cadillac’s Driver Assist technology–available in some 2013 vehicles–that can automatically stop the car at low speeds before an impending collision.]

 I think this is really cool. I would love to be behind the wheel and be doing absolutely nothing or absolutely anything I wanted to as I drive on down the road. However, I wonder, what could happen if i was doing naything I wanted and my car got me into an accident or it committed a moving violation? Can drivers or riders of this  feel safe in these new smart vehicles.

I know that they make it a point to emphasize that the driver wil still be in control of the car, but i wonder, with advancements being made all the time, will there be a time when we do lose control. According to the Time Magazine, “GM’s plan for autonomous cars seems gradual, keeping in mind that not everyone’s ready to trust machines to drive.” So, sooner or later we will just be sitting back as the car goes off on it own. 
 Cadillac’s Super Cruise could be ready by 2015, but that may have as much to do with the legality of autonomous cars as with the technology itself. So far, Nevada is the only state to establish regulations for self-driving vehicles.

Hopefully, our society can make a safe and smooth adjustmen to this technologial advancement. Its becoming so that we dont have a say in whether or not we, as a people,  feel we need certain technologies. This one is cool, but maybe not necessary.