My last post to the course blog featured jewelry that was created by a specific computer algorithm to create ammonite jewelry. I was so stunned by the fashion company creation process of their jewelry, that I began a search for similar pieces of apparel.  Clothing that has been creatively modified taking current trends in expression and technology in mind. My search across the internet unearthed many weird and abstract clothing. Many of which I will share with you, and a little information as to how the product is created, or more importantly for some, why?


            First I will start with the strangest of one of the simpler pieces of clothing, a hat.  Introducing the Grappa. The Grappa is a tote-style shopping that believe it or not doubles as a hat during a natural disaster. The base of the bag is made from EPS foam, the same foam found in hard-hats. It is claimed to survive as well as similar emergency hats already on the market when it comes to falling debris. So why would anyone make this bag/hat. Well the company is hoping that the low production cost of $12 dollars a bag will spur many companies to purchase them. Thus slapping their personal logo on the side and use them as promotional tools that can coincidentally save lives should the need arise. I’m skeptical as to how much use a item like this can have within the states, however in more precarious territories it can be rather useful. If adopted of course.


            Now when it comes to pure expression, this piece of clothing takes the cake.  I am sure many of us would love to ability to be able to artistically alter our clothes as we wear them out an about. Well thanks to ThinkGeek now we can. The company makes what it calls the modern t-shirt or in other words the Lazer Shirt. The Lazer Shirts are interactive t-shirts that let you design your own alterations with UV light.  All one needs to do is touch the shirt, press the UV pen button, and draw or write whatever you want. When the wearer steps into the darkness their shirt will glow. Thus displaying whatever was drawn or written with the UV pen tool. Coolest thing is the drawing gradually fades overtime allowing you to constantly create new designs.  You can even wash it as you would any other cotton t-shirt.


Lastly I came across this link for a company that had designed leather jackets for U2, so I had to check it out. The company is called CuteCircuit, besides the odd name the company exemplifies the best combination of expression and technology in clothing.  For example the U2 360 degree tour jackets they designed were embedded with over 5000 LEDs each. The lights are individually synchronized, so they jackets are capable of very detailed images. Any sort of image, pattern, and video can be recreated from the lights and streamed wirelessly using wearable software.  These jackets have no wires connecting the various pieces but instead the circuitry is able to lay flat against the fabric, as the lights escape through the porous surface.  All in all I think these three pieces of clothing are valid examples of creativity and expression.