This is kind of old news to some who have already heard of project glass by Google. But it is worth repeating just in case anyone has missed this news feed.  Project glass is a project by Google, this project has to be one of the most high tech project I have heard of so far.  This project is based on a very special pair of glasses, through these glasses you could basically organize your life in the most advance technological way possible.  In the video you will see that this product is obviously very simply to use through voice activated commands.   My favorite part was when the guy wanted to take a picture of a poster (if I remember correctly) and he simply said I want to remember this and the glasses took a snapshot of it. 

The convenience of this product somewhat scares me because it is so EASY to use.  Simply make your command and the glasses will process it.  I feel that this simplicity will make people lazy, I must say it reminds me of the movie “Wall-E”.  “Wall-E” showed how people depended solely on these technologies to take care of them or serving them.  I feel like this project is taking away reality for people because it is making us see our world through these highly advance technology.  As much as I love these advance technology, but taking a step back technology is too advance to the point where I believe it is making us lazy.

If anyone is interested this idea isn’t thought of by Google it is first established by Steven Man.  I just wanted to give credit to this man for his idea because everyone will assume Google thought of it.