When our society thinks about Facebook, the majority of us think about a website that we go on to chat with our “friends” or procrastinate. But, the reality of it is that Facebook is a social media utility/platform that allows interconnectivity throughout the world. Although it does have the capabilities for conversing with others, it has expanded itself within the more recent years to allow people to interact in a more in-depth level. One of the more prominent features that has been utilized more recently are the Facebook gaming applications, which provides not only entertainment but also the capability of more social interaction. Facebook gaming has become popular lately because of a number of factors.  One of which is being able to interact with friends and family within the games.  Another is the cheap, usually free, cost of playing and the quick and immediate gratification of being able to play.  Many of these games are simple and easy to get a firm grasp on what the objective is so it’s accessible to a larger section of the general public.  For game developers, the economics of this platform is very profitable for them because they receive the bulk of their revenue through advertising even though the cost to the consumer to purchase the games itself is almost nothing.  And as the game becomes more popular, the more revenue it generates for the developer.  This technology matters because it is a major part of social interaction within Facebook.

So my question is how many of you actually play games on Facebook? and is that one if the reasons you really use Facebook?