As you might (or might not) have heard, the University of Florida recently eliminated their Computer Science department, which will allow UF to save roughly $1.7 million, which they can then allocated to various other departments. As if this itself isn’t a bad idea, it seems that the University increased its funding for its Athletics department from an absurd $97 million to $99 million. This seems absolutely absurd by any paradigm!

So, the University of Florida believes that, in this age when technology essentially dominates the world, the right move would be to eliminate its Computer Science department? To make things clear, although the are getting rid of the department, one can still pursue a related degree but through another college, like the College of Engineering. The issue, however, is not whether not the student can still pursue a certain degree, but about the experts around them who can help foster a motivating learning environment. This essentially eliminates all funding for TAs in computer science, it cuts graduate and research programs entirely while moving minute pieces here and there to other departments. The worst seems to be that this is done, while there has been an increase in funding to the Athletic department.

Students who pay to go to the University of Florida, shouldn’t have to work harder to receive the same benefits most other students receive at any other university. It seems that UF took a huge leap backward rather than investing in its own technological future.  This move has hardly gone unnoticed by prominent figures around the world, most of whom have written to the President of the University of Florida, questioning and criticizing his move. In this day and age it seems that technology is more important than ever, but moves like this make people question the priorities of the leaders of our universities.