The Macbook, Macbook Pro and in general Apple’s operating systems are soon turning out to be more popular by the year. As they seem to gain popularity, I hear more and more people trying to vouch for Apple’s computers by often saying…

Oh, but the Mac’s don’t get viruses!

While this is true to a certain extent, many don’t seem to understand why exactly this is the case. I’m a Mac user and I love it but the reason behind why there’s a lack of Trojan Horses on your system is not because Apple’s OSX is an amazing piece of work, but because it simply takes too much effort to create viruses for a select population of Mac users. It simply would take too much effort to extract information from such a select population of the world, when you the same effort could be used towards targeting those who use the Windows operating system because there are a significantly greater number of users, therefore, they can affect and extract more information.

However, the popularity of the Macs in recent years and finally led to people focusing on creating malware targeted at Apple users specifically. The day finally arrived when this piece of software, attacked roughly 1 in 100 Apple users, or roughly 600,000 around the world. Labelled the Flashback Malware, it can extract passwords and other information from the Safari web browser. It was originally a Trojan virus which started off by mimicking the Adobe Flash installer, and asks to require an “update”, thereby proceeding to infect your computer. While this itself was a relatively small scale attack and a Mac user who even had some Antivirus software could have been protected, this serves as a warning to the near future because it clearly shows that Macs cannot be immune forever.

If Apple is not careful, its popularity can be its downfall.