I just thought I’d share this with everybody because this is where I believe technology should move towards. The article I posted above, shares how technology can be used to better our society and recycle energy. What this article states is that, there has now been created a way to power street lights and traffic signals, through and with the energy of every day joggers.

What has been created is an energy wheel, much like that of an hamster wheel you see in hamster cages, but now it is human-sized and available for use by joggers. This new wheel called the Green Wheel, designed by Nadim Inaty, could be positioned “…in public spaces, and that users could donate some of their jogging time in exchange for a place to run.” In turn, the kinetic energy produced by these joggers, is then stored in central storage units, that hold on to the electricity so it can be used by traffic lights and street lights.

Although still a design, I believe this is what out future will begin to look like. We need new ways to create energy and I think this is a very creative way to do it. As I was reading more into the article, I found that 30 minutes of jogging time will generate somewhere around 30 watts, so if we think about how many joggers there are, and multiple Green Wheels around the park, there could be a lot of energy created and stored.

This is only the beginning and new ideas need to be created in creative ways like this so we can save energy. What are your thoughts on this concept? Share if you have any ideas!