Every year that I am in college, I find myself spending more and more time on my computer. I was never really the type of person who enjoyed video games or facebook or anything like that, so this much time on the computer has been driving me a little crazy. Today, however, was by far the most frustrating day. My computer has been running really slowly to the point where today I decided to bring it into the Mac story. The “genius” told me that he’d have to send it out in order to get it repaired and that I could pick it up in two or three days! Unfortunately, as I told him, I cannot part with my computer for even half a day. My entire college life is on my computer:my thesis, my midterm review, my access to this course blog, my math homework (yep, even Math is done online), my short story for creative writing, my podcast….everything! I had no choice, then, to return home and do my work on the slowest machine possible. What’s worse is that I do not even have a smartphone to help shoulder the load. Instead i I had to answer emails, along with everything else today on the half-broken machine that went extra slow, meaning that my life today went entirely in slow motion.

And then, at around six today, I decided that enough was enough. I put down my computer and went for a run in the park. I met an old man and spoke to him for a little bit about his daughter who is ill. I went to the coffee shop and got a iced mocha and spoke to a girl who ordered the same drink. I went to dinner with an old friend and movie with another friend. And you know what? It was really very refreshing to get out of my computer. I felt free and my eyes did not ache from the constant glare my computer angrily gives me.

When I finally arrive back at my home, my computer was waiting on my bed. Slowly and with some trepidation, I sat down to try and negotiate with it, to plead and beg it to work properly. But before I even opened my mouth, the computer obliged! For some reason, it started working again and stopped freezing on me. I got all my work down in half the time it was taking me before I left for the evening, and I even had time to blog about it.

I guess the “genius” at the Mac store simply overlooked the fact that my computer was clearly as sick of me as I was of it.

I think that for now on I’ll take more breaks from it. After all, it probably would like to catch a movie with its friends from time to time.