I remember saying at the beginning of the semester, and still say to this day, that I am not technologically savvy. Now, although this may still be somewhat true…I am proud to say that I am ending the semester with so much more knowledge on technology than when I began. I didn’t expect to learn so many new things about websites, the internet and blogs. WordPress was a challenge for me at first. I honestly had no clue what I was doing. I was surprised my first few blog posts even showed up! Setting up WordPress, I felt as if I’d never truly get used to it.

My final project is a compilation of a blog and a few podcasts. I did my blog on WordPress by creating my project blog, Do It Yourself. As I look back on my past posts, I realize that I got better and better at them each time. Looking at my very latest post, I added links and pictures (something I taught myself how to do by typing it into google, hah!). Regardless of how I learned, I still did it! I never thought that by simply adding a photo, my blog post would be so much greater than the previous ones I did.

Now, this isn’t that great of a feat for most people. But, for people like me… I was surprised I could even navigate around the blog, let alone add links and pictures. I was so pleased with my last blog that it helped my self-confidence for my final blog project. I also learned how to add in podcasts, so now my blog is looking better than ever!

My reason for this blog post is to say that I wish I knew these things sooner, but I’m still very glad I learned how to do them. Blogging is something I never ever saw myself doing, but after seeing how great my final project blog is turning out…it makes me strive for more. I even added a profile picture and banner to my blog. I never thought I’d be personalizing it! I thought I’d be done with it after this class, but I really do see myself using it for the summer months and maybe even as a full-time hobby. I must admit that I didn’t believe in myself, but after seeing what I am capable of learning…I see myself going very far.

Words to live by!

With this being said, I just wanted to add that I have also stretched my boundaries of my final project topic. It began as a focus on Do It Yourself websites, but I found that the internet has so much more to offer. In fact, I found out how to insert pictures in the WordPress blog by using a DIY website that focuses on “how-to” and teaching methods.

Although I wish I knew these little tricks (like adding links and pictures) sooner rather than one of the last weeks of the semester, I still am glad that I learned how to do it. I’m more confident when it comes to technology now. And hey, I’m kinda savvy…I do have an iPhone (though I never update it…oops!)