Apple recently announced that it has actually doubled its profits from its last quarter after great sales of the iPhone the last three months selling 35.1 million iPhones. The numbers broke most analysts expectations. The company also sold  11.8 million iPads and its only been a little over a month since the new iPad came out. The iPad in fact has become Apples fastest selling product.  Apple is the second company ever to reach a market valuation of 600 billion with the other company being Microsoft word.

These numbers put Apple in my opinion at the top of most if not all companies dealing with products such as phones, computers, mp3 players and tablets. The company is a beast and I feel as  if everyone owns a product that it sells. The marketing is genius, the products are beautiful and they always keep the products fresh revealing new versions of products every year. Apple seems like a monopoly to me at times. I always see the apple store full while other stores selling similar products have less customers. My whole family has iPhones and to think of having any other phone would be ridiculous for us because iPhones have simply worked the best. The company has done a great job with its products in that they are worth every buck. Whether it be the phones that everyone talks about or the computers that everyone needs front he average consumer, the high schooler or professional hollywood studios. Steve Job left a company that shows no signs of slowing down and will be undoubtedly revolutionizing the way technology works.