Something that I have started to notice that a lot of companies are starting to do is that they are no longer just announcing what they are going to do next but they are going to hint or tease you at what is going to come next. Recently Samsung made an anagram site that could be translated to “the next Galaxy” and it included a countdown for around 17 hours. Thats it.

But what is it exactly saying, you don’t really know. But I think that it plays into this new advertisement trick that consumers are buying into and thats the trick of anticipation. What will come next? What does this message mean? What are they trying to tease you about? It becomes a game with consumer as they try and guess what is going to happen next. This is were the buzz starts to generate around what it could possibly be. It is smart because now the company is getting buzz about them and they have not even released anything yet, just a clock with a countdown.

It becomes more of a game when the company starts to continue things more and more just like a murder mystery puzzle. The countdown for this site is over but has only revealed a very vague teaser trailers. You don’t really get anymore information then you had before now more curiosity as to what is going to happen next.

Companies such as Apple and Android are doing the exact same thing and it is working on getting their word out about their product. There is nothing more a company wants then word of mouth of their product to get around. With word of mouth, it becomes free advertisement for them and thus making their advertising dollars even more value then before.