Just brand new to Google is something called Google Drive. What it is essentially doing is acting like the application Dropbox. When you put something in your documents folder in Google Documents it will automatically sync in your Google Drive. You can then send, share, and edit your files on Google Documents. Also a new feature for Google Drive which is just like Drop box is that you can have a desktop application and folder where you can drag and drop your files into. When you drag and drop your files into this folder they will automatically sync online to your Google Documents, making it very easy to share files with another person or many people at once.

A very cool thing about Google Drive is that it can hold up to 5 GB of files. Which is quite a bit if you use it moderately. I do not usually use Google for a lot of things but starting this semester I have started to use Google for the first time for Documents and Gmail for a lot more things. I am starting to really like that I have one place on the web that has all my information on it without having to carry 50 USBs around with me. But I did like the features of Dropbox where I had a folder on my desktop to just drag and drop my files to that folder and it would sync without me having to login in or enter anything. I will definitely be trying out and using the Google Drive.

I think it would greatly help a lot of students especially those students who send themselves things a lot to print things out or to share a slideshow for a group to work on a document or powerpoint presentation. I can’t tell you how many times this semester I have used Google Documents to make a powerpoint and just have to share it with my group member for presentations. It such a great thing because if your group members are really busy, you can just go online and edit it whenever you have to. Also there is a chat feature incase you and another person you are sharing a document with are on at the same time. You can see where that person is in the presentation and what they are doing whether its updating a slide or just reading something over.

Google Drive will make a big impact on its users and for those that use Google Documents. I will also drive more people to use it now that it has features like Drop box that many other college students and professors already use, and now all in the same place as some people’e email.