I’m not sure if this topic was posted earlier in the semester but I found this app to be very weird and unexpected. The app lets you record a video or text message that is posted to your wall once you’ve passed on. Initially I found the idea to be a little crazy, however after some time I realized the idea was practical. We spend a great portion of our lives on Facebook documenting our everyday activities, interacting with friends, and sharing information. It seems logical that upon our death we add some finality to our cyber personas and the digital community. A lot of people record self-informative videos of themselves casually explaining what they wore that day, or their favorite albums. So why not record an epic video message for your friends or family. It’s still a form of social media management. The fact that this app has garnered a sizable amount of users is not overly surprising. Once the application is installed you then pick three people on your friends list to have the duty of announcing your death. The three people will have to confirm your death in order for the final message to be posted.

The App claims to keep the users privacy as the number one concern. No one not even anyone in the company can see the recorded messages until the content creators death. The video explaining the process on the apps site has a certain comicalness that downplays the serious of the application. With such a novel idea and the finality of the message I can envision the application being used extensively or creatively. The idea crossed my mind of installing the app on my roommate’s computer with his permission and recording a comical faux message. Then alerting mutual friends to confirm our death only to have an outpour of attention to the video. A dark idea, however this process can be used for personal promotion. A use I am sure the creators would not be pleased with. Especially since they claimed to never view videos until it is automatically posted upon the users death. Would you make one? What does this application say about the significance of social media?