After searching for something to write one of my last blogs on I came across something that was both new to me and something that struck me as an overall thought to this class entirely.

First, I did not know that there was an Internet Hall of Fame, but then again there is a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so why not. It includes people like Al Gore and the person who was the founder of Craigslist. Someone that was honored was Raymond Tomlinson, who was the benefactor of the “@” symbol. If you think about it how often do you really use the @ symbol? I must use it at least a dozen times a day if not more. With things like email and the internet it is inevitable for anyone who owns a computer to have to at some point use the @ symbol. In a Washington Post article, it clarifies that the @ symbol is more then just used to help send emails. It is something that can define where a person is geographically at on the internet. The @ symbol defines where you are actually at or sending something, it is not an activity but a location. Which gives a meaning to the internet itself. It is not simply this huge database of digital information but a location or place that you will go to. It can be creatively used in a way to send your mind and well being in a place or location that you might not be able to physically go or afford. You can go and find out information about things and places or how to do something. But you will be “@” that place doing it not just reading about it. It is no longer a state of mind about things but a place.

Using the @ symbol creates this sense of leaving the physical world and entering a digital world in a location that you will need something. The need that you are trying to fulfill can be at the users discretion. Whether it be entertainment and playing games or looking up the best vacation spots the internet can take you there. It wasn’t until this article explained the true definition of the @ symbol and where it came from until I thought about where it really means to be “on the web.” When people are sitting at a computer doing whatever it is that they are doing, from simply tasks to the most complex of tasks, it takes the frame of mind and being and puts you in a place, a location. It is symbols like this that people take for granted in their use and oversee what is was defined as. Now used as a short term for the word “at” it still pertains to the same roots for a person being “at” a location in the digital world.

This class has made me think in ways that I have never done before and will always stick with me about digital media. Whether it is a simple video about Walmart or an information podcast about human trafficking, the internet and creativity are something to not take lightly. The possibilities are endless just like its usability. With the internet growing bigger and bigger everyday, people start to take advantage of more and more things in their lives.