Netflix, one of the biggest online DVD rental companies, started to see a decline in their users as got their first quarter numbers. An article in the Huffington Post Tech website explains that because of their increase in subscription prices, Netflix could have started to get to cocky when it comes to their playing field. With Blockbuster getting out of their way as stores are closing and even now struggling with their own online DVD rental service, Netflix could be next.

A trend that I am starting to see with DVD rental services is that many people want to use it for an extended period of time and then they are over it and no longer want to have to ship DVDs back in the mail and have to worry about DVDs themselves. Which raises my question of are DVDs starting to go out of style just like VHS did? With so many gaming consoles now that have their own movie players installed on them or being able to stream videos through iTunes now to your own television it could be possible and in the near feature there could be a slow discontinuation of physical DVDs themselves. I don’t think it will happen in 5 years but in maybe 10 years, sure. It only took DVDs around a decade to get rid of VHS so soon it will be evident that something will come along to challenge it.

Many movies and tv shows are being downloaded now by iTunes or other sites to be uploaded on their Xbox or PS3. Making it less of a hassle to worry about a plan or amount to pay every month and also eliminating the hassle of having to put a DVD in the mail or have to remember to mail it back so you can get the next one on your list. If you have iTunes or the Apple TV console you can simply just watch one movie one night and watch another one the next night, but at your own expense. Yes it does technically cost more to pay $3.99 to rent a movie and pay for two when you could have a whole month for $14.99 at Netflix, but isn’t everything about what is much simpler no matter the cost now? I think so. Technology has grown on to some people regardless of how much more it is going to cost them, as long as it is going to be easier on their lives with less to worry about and less hassle.

Where is society going though if you can’t simply put a DVD in a sleeve and put it back in your mail box? Probably not in a good direction because that would mean we are getting even lazier then I have imagined.