I know that we have talked about the Nook and Kindle a couple times in class and I recently read an article on Engaget, one of my favorite technology blogs, that the Nook will be shipping out a Nook that has a built in back light in it. Because as you know the Nook and Kindles now, not the tablet ones, you have to be in light to be able to see them. But even in some dim light it is very dark and hard to read unless you are in a well lit area. I absolutely love my Kindle and wouldn’t give it up for the world, except I am an avid night reader. I tend to only read and night and when it is dark out so I usually will be reading in my bed. The lamp that I have in my room is on the other side of my bed and depending on how I am laying in bed it gets hard for me to see the pages as I am reading.

This new Nook that is being released will have a backlight display so that you can see it in the dark and read when there is not very good lighting. This is something that I think will make the Nook and hopefully soon to be Kindle virtually untouchable when it comes to dominating the paper book industry. The Nook now has a one-up when it comes to traditional books which is that you can now read them in the dark and it still looks like paper. It is not like the iPad or the tablets that both companies have with an LED backlit display but this is a natural lighting on the back of the screen that is just enough for you to read the book that you are reading.

Now I think it will only be a matter of time before the Kindle will be releasing their version of the e-reader. I thought this would go along really well with some of the discussions that we have had in class about them. But would this make some of you that were very unsure at first now buy them? Is the backlit display that much more of a deal breaker for you to go buy one? I think for some people that are on the fence about it, this just pushed them over the edge to the e-reader side. You can’t make a book glow in the dark and still make it readable. Lets see a publishing company try and do that.