I’ve discussed several of the ugly sides of the internet, but it would be an injustice to not publish a post on its beauties.  After presentations yesterday, I decided to check out the Pinterest.com website that we were discussing and I really like it!  It’s simply amazing how the internet allows you to share such creative, fun, affordable and amazing ideas with virtually anyone who has online access!  I was skimming through the crafts and other helpful tips that the site had displayed and was amazed by how creatively people think.  I remember seeing posts on how to make huge, pretty flowers that you can put up on the wall as decoration that was made up of paper, cute recipes that can change something ordinary to something really fun and whimsical (for example, dip chocolate covered strawberries in orange colored chocolate, and they look like little carrots!), helpful fashion tips for bride to be (I understand how this site is predominantly female oriented, a lot of these things are quite girly and most of the comments seem to be by women), amazing handmade artistry made by all types of people (teachers, women, students, etc.),  coupon sites designed and shared by homemakers, and so much more!  This site seems to have just about everything cool!  I think that Pinterest is going to keep me very occupied during the summer break.  I’ve already shared the site with my sister and she’s looking through all their helpful and entertaining posts.  Following this further, this is a great example of how the internet can be utilized for productive purposes instead of functioning as a tool for laziness, as people often turn to the internet for.  Instead of being lazy and watching T.V. during break there are several crafts and recipes that my family and I can try out together thanks to this site.  There’s probably a lot of things that I can use for the family business as well, so I’m really excited to continue exploring (it is my first day on this website after all).

I was also surprised to see that there was even a page for motivational quotes.  In case you are interested in looking at it, here’s the link:  http://pinterest.com/ateenah/inspiring-words/

Most of the quotes are beautiful and they really made me pause and reflect, which is funny because I usually feel as though the internet harms my spirit more than enhance it because a lot of what’s online is so materialistic and empty.  But plenty of these quotes are religiously oriented, writing about God, prayer and having faith, and I was surprised to see that.  Most of them are also accompanied by pictures, which is a plus for anyone interested in photography, artistry, or just wants something visually pretty to look at.

It sounds funny, but this website is making me rethink the internet because I’m realizing more how it can be used really positively if you just access and do the right thing.  It requires discipline no doubt, which each one of us have to learn because it’s all too easy to get lost and harm yourself online.

There a lot of other helpful websites, of course, other than Pinterest.com.  EHow.com is another good example of a helpful website.  And overall, it’s sites like this that put a smile on my face, I hope that they only continue to expand and improve for the better!