This thing is incredible. Basically, it’s a projector, mirror and camera that hangs around your neck and provides you with a new, unbelievable ability to interact with the world. The camera and projector are attached to a miniature computing device placed in your pocket and four small tabs placed on your selected fingertips. Developed by Pranav Mistry, an MIT student, the SixthSense technology can project information on any surface in front of you with a variety of tasks it can perform. As you can see in the TedTalk by Pattie Maes, you can almost anything with the device.

You can:
• Draw a picture on the wall
• Project a person’s background check on their torso while you speak
• Project the dial-pad of a phone on your hand and allow you to call someone
• Draw a watch on your wrist that will show you the time
• Get nutritional facts of competing items at the grocery store
• Watch news coverage or real-time weather coverage, in a newspaper
• Take a picture just by holding your fingers in front of the desired imageAnd this is just scratching the surface. The technology is incredible and I honestly can’t even begin to wrap my head around how someone was able to develop it. If you watch the video it’s actually pretty funny to see someone controlling a projection on someone else’s shirt or taking a picture with their fingers. That last point actually relates to my last post in how technology is making photography so easy these days. With this device, people don’t even need to have any photography background or even know how to work a camera. All they have to do is look through the view-finder created by their fingers.

Anyway, I really don’t know what to say about this device. It’s unbelievable and could totally revolutionize the way we interact with the world. This may be the first device that begins integrating humans and robots, but let’s not think about that. As the device becomes more developed we may see them get as popular as iPhones someday. I remember when iPhone came out, it was so foreign and novel, I couldn’t believe it. But now, look around in a classroom. At least 70% of the students have an iPhone. Can you imagine the SixthSense becoming this regular? We’ll see.

To see the device in action and see a deeper look, watch the TedTalk presentation: