A new application for the iPad is taking some of Apple’s advertising and app development a little too far. Splashtop is an application that you can use to sync your iPad with your computer and use as a remote desktop. How Splashtop works is that you have to download the application on your iPad and then you have to download the program on your Mac or your PC, they have software for both kinds of operating systems. After both are connected to a wireless internet service you can sync that screens and anything that you do on your iPad will show on your desktop computer, or you can access your desktop computer from your iPad. It is a fully functional replica of your desktop computer from the files all the way to the videos and music that you have on your computer.

Something that Splashtop is introducing now is that you can try out the Windows 8 tablet software on it. So now you can have an iPad and try the Windows software on it. I am sure that Apple is not very pleased about this. For starters, what if a consumer downloads this application and realizes that they really like the Windows tablet software, now they are possibly going to lose a customer. I do not think it is very smart of Apple to really let something like this happen, but I guess it is at their own discretion.

It amazes me what people will think up of when it comes to applications. Even if it has to do with pretty much spitting in the face of the exact product you are using the application on. I think soon that there will be a standard that developers might have to keep tabs on so that they do not cross any boundaries.