I don’t know if any of you follow what goes on in the beauty world, but the annual International Makeup Artist Trade Show took place in New York a couple of weeks ago. I clearly wanted to go so bad, but tickets to the two-day event presaled at $40 dollars a day and my college student budget wasn’t really able to handle that. Well, to be honest, as much as I try to keep updated on the latest trends, my knowledge about the IMATS was very limited. I didn’t realize it until a week before the event, through a friend, and tickets had sold out by then. Upset at my lack of knowledge, I immediately wanted to find out more about what I was missing out on, and I was surprised at some of the information I had found actually.

The IMATS is actually a huge convention that takes place in 5 different cities every year. It’s very organized and features keynote speakers by big namers in the beauty world (including one by my favorite Kandee Johnson, which I’ll put up a clip of at the end), beauty classes at both pro level and amateur, exhibits of nearly everything beauty related, and of course a trade shop with all the big brand makeup priced at a discounted rate. http://www.imats.net/newyork/newyork_exhibitors.php It’s amazing to see how far the beauty world has come, and to realize that most of the beauty world was kicked off through various artists posting tutorials on YouTube.  I will be exploring more of how the beauty world came into being on my project blog whatbeautymeans.tumblr.com so feel free to check that if you’re interested!

Excerpts from Kandee Johnson’s speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qkJtVRSaWo