Camera’s are of great use in our society, we can capture memories, moments, essentially ‘freeze’ a moment of time to then be able to cherish it. The invention of cameras have clearly played a big role in shaping the social aspects of our society. Well recent technological innovations led researchers to invent the first ‘descriptive camera’. You might wonder what this exactly means, well, as the title states, this camera prints out descriptions of whatever it is that you are printing out.

The descriptive camera works a lot like a regular camera, one just points and shoots to capture an object, image or a scene. However, instead of a colorful image that one might expect, the descriptive camera produces a text description of the scene, image or object.

(Source of picture: By Matt Richardson)

The technology to make this possible is actually quite complex. It involves the use of Human Intelligence Tasks (HTIs) for workers on the internet to complete. This itself takes a long time, however, the camera can also be placed in an “accomplice mode”. This mode enables for faster results by instant messaging any person about the ‘picture’ you have taken.  While there is some serious technology in use here, this begs the question as to the use of such camera’s in our society. Through research in this class, one common discovery I seem to have made through my blog posts is that currently there are massive research projects being conducted on arcane topics which might not even have a great impact on our society. Is money essentially being used in the right avenues? This seems to be a cause for great concern and something I think (while interesting) it is definitely not a need in our society. Thoughts?