The average consumer has 3.5 credit cards, while most have more credit cards. According to the company which has created the Geode, they claim that this figure is 2.5 too many cards. The Geode, while it looks like a simple iPhone case, it eliminates the use of credit cards through the advanced technology it uses. It essentially is a place where all of your credit card information, your wellness cards and any other information you have, could be stored without you having to flumox at the register. The Geode lets you input the information of all your cards and select the one which you want to use at the particular moment when you are in line. The ease of the Geode along with its finger-print scanning technology ensures that it is secure and easy to use. As a worst case scenario, even if you happen to lose the Geode, even though access to it is blocked without a matching finger print, you can erase all data on it, never having to worry about things like credit card theft. Below is a great video that showcases exactly how the Geode works.

The future of technology seems to be today. The advancements that are present employ tactics which make life easier for all, so why not enjoy them right now?