Most people cannot brag about the thermostat at home, heck, I didn’t even realize that was a topic of conversation. That is, until I watched this video about Nest: The Learning Thermostat. Anyone who hasn’t seen this video or know about Nest should watch it below first.

Watching this video made me realize two things. 1) That the technology around is improving in all ways and methods possible 2) There will always be innovations for all aspects of life. Through understanding this realization while this video played, I was impressed by the simplicity yet elegance through with such a product worked. An analysis of the product’s functionality shows that it is very appealing simply because of the utility that it offers. Products like these are the ones that are constantly pushing the boundaries of technology along and making individuals’ lives easier.

However, this then begs the question as to whether technology has slowly become a tool of functionality to a tool of marketing. Previously, all technological innovations had reason for success because they fulfilled a big need, a gaping hole in society. However, nowadays, we see such obscure innovations and products popping up which necessarily might not really help society, but are bought simply by those who fancy it. Thoughts? Do you think Nest is one of those products?